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EverGreen Cove Apartments


No smoking or vaping and No Animals or Pets
Up to 2 Adults and 1 child in 2 bedroom units
Up to 2 Adults and 2 children in 3 bedroom units.



Before you apply to rent, please take the time to review this screening policy. All persons 18 years of age or older will be required to complete rental applications. The following are standards that will be used to judge your application. You must meet the following standards to qualify for a rental unit. Applicants are judged on the same standards, one application at a time on a first come, first served basis.

Application Fee:       $40.00 / adult applicant

Income requirement: Total gross income of all applicants must exceed three (3) times the monthly rental rate.

Employment Verification: Applicants must have a current verifiable employment of six months. Retired or self-employed applicants must provide financial statements that reflect the income requirements set above.

Rental Verification: Applicants must have two years rental history from previous landlord(s). Applications for residency will be automatically denied for the following reasons:

            An outstanding debt to a previous landlord.
            A breach of a prior lease or prior eviction

            More than two late payments in the previous six months

Credit Verification: A credit report will be completed on all applicants to verify credit ratings. A FICO score of 450-600 requires an additional deposit.  Applicants may be denied or be requested to pay an additional deposit for the following reasons: repossession, foreclosure, tax liens and personal bankruptcy, eviction, or low score.

Criminal Verification: A criminal check will be conducted for each applicant. The application will be denied for the conviction of any misdemeanor within three years or any felony within five years. Applicants that are on a sex offender database will not be accepted.